Vicqui’s Edit: Can One Be Too Relaxed?

Ekouaer Pajama Set

When I was growing up, my parents and grandparents always dressed up when they went to work, and since school was considered my job, I dressed up too. Clad in my turtleneck, sweaters, plaid skirts, tie-back button-down shirts, and jeans I sat in my classes, with an alert mind and stylish attire.

At my day job, as a Special Education Instructional Assistant, for LAUSD I’ve become perplexed by the students I work with who wear flannel pajamas to school instead of appropriate school attire that’s just as casual and comfortable. I can understand the dislike for dress codes, and stiff uniforms, but can’t a happy medium, be reached by, at least, looking at alternative forms of a leisurewear in solid colors they can easily be paired with a coat, jacket, and sneakers?

While looking for a pajama set, I could also wear outside, I found a beautiful ultra-luxe one by “Ekouaer” on for $24.99. Available in black, gray, navy blue, and wine red and made out of 65% polyester, 30% rayon, and 5% spandex I’m sure today’s students wore some thing as well-coordinated as this they’d get less flack by their teachers and feel much more prepared to learn and excel academically because while this set is just as comfortable as baggy flannels its appearance is less controversial and more acceptable.

Vicqui’s Edit: A Short, Short Story About My Muse and Inspiration Zombie

He’s orange and white and smart as a whip. At times, I think his awesome gift as a sight learner recalls his previous life as a reincarnated psychic.

Blessed with a genius IQ ne of his most phenomenal skills is helping me find lost items.

If I say, “Zombie where did I put my pencil or hat?” somehow he helps me locate them.

Part detective, part Lion King he rules my heart, and I’m proud to be his Lion Queen.

Season’s Greetings from “Ross Dress For Less”

Print Holiday Sweater

Yesterday when I tried to partake in the “Black Friday” deals at my local “Ross Dress For Less”, I asked the greeter if they had any deals. He informed me that since they’re already an off-price store, with deals everyday, they decided not to offer any. Although I was slightly disappointed, I did find a beautiful sweater for under $10 for myself and ran across these gorgeous purses that would delight someone else.

Gorgeous Purse Selection