Andrew Asch: A California Fashion Blogger with Solid Print Skills

Attire Los Angeles (19)Andrew Asch has two things going for him that make him an influential fashion journalist-he lives in Los Angeles, California and works for the California Apparel News. As their Retail Editor, his motto is “Telling the story of California’s fashion boutique and retail scene”. In a city known for its laid-back attitude and casual dress, he excels at keeping fashion fans up-to-date with articles and blogs that chronicle its sartorial history. Nothing escapes his radar and he gives everything he covers equal weight, whether it’s a brief about a pop-up store or an updated company news story.

California Apparel News, an important trade publication, “owned by TLM Publishing Inc.,” has been around since 1945. Their presence on the internet includes blogs written by Asch as well as articles from their print edition. Without losing any of their journalistic information or professionalism his blogs are just as thorough and entertaining online as in print.

On Monday, January 22, 2018, for his piece Anrealage’s Fabric Puts on a Show he skillfully managed to add enough relevant text to appeal to art lovers, Japanese culture enthusiasts, textile designers, shoppers and computer fanatics. By including the visuals and accompanying words that featured the exhibit A Light Un Light  he gave the reader a complete blueprint for embracing a new retail experience.

Mostly warm, sunny and forgiving L.A. weather is perfect for a cool tee and a pair of jeans. The stylish native is always on the hunt for that special topper that will give them awesome street cred. When Asch wrote Band of Outsiders Pops at Fred Segal on Friday, February 9, 2018, he thought about the consumer when he described their “shirts with nautical details and animal prints”.

The exemplary way he provided the who, what, where, why and how, in less than 200 words, for the brief proves he’s aware of the difference between the internet and print reader. No detail is left out and the adjoining photos are relevant. Both as a strength and a guideline, for other bloggers to emulate, these are assets worth noting.

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