Analytics Report for “Are African-American Women An Endangered Species?”

“This article was previously submitted on, but it was also re-published on I thought it would be interesting to see how many readers read it while it was on Medium.”

–Victoria Moore

fashion photography of glitter face paint
Photo by 3Motional Studio on Analytics for Are African-American Women An Endangered Species?Medium Screenshot of StatsAfter publishing my article, Are African-American Women An Endangered Species? on I posted the announcement that I’d written it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and LinkedIn. I also tagged it with Black Lives Matter as suggested by the Medium site. I think if I had added more tags, to the piece, such as African-American women, domestic violence, education, and racism, I would’ve garnered more readership.

When I analyzed my stats, on, from March 16 to April 14, 2018, it said that I had 27 views, 17 reads, a 63% ratio and 1 fan. The views mean my “story had been read 27 times in 30 days.” I have over 50 Facebook friends, 65 followers on Twitter, 1 follower on Tumbler, and 88 followers on LinkedIn. I believe that’s where some of my readerships came from. If I were more proficient withtheSnapchat and Google Analytics app I feel I would’ve gained even more readership online.

If I examined the reason I obtained the readers I did, I’d say it has to do with the compatibility with news trending stories about harassment, racism, violence against women. To make the piece stronger visually, I could’ve used the Photoshop Express app to add a few accompanying photos from my Camera app. Statistical graphs and a sidebar of resources for readers would’ve also made it stronger and user-friendly, thereby ensuring more readership overall.

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