Bringing Style to the Influencer Game

“The Dandies, Macaronis and Incroyables represented extremely stylish men’s clothing groups,” said Peter McNeil, Professor of Design History at the “Sixth R.L. Shep Triennial Symposium on Textiles and Dress at the Los Angles County Museum of Art” (May 21, 2016)

Dualleh Abdulrahman isn’t just an “artist, photographer, clothing customizer, and stylist” he’s also a fashion industry talent who’s used social media as his personal portfolio. Famous for his afropean” flair that also recalls the “la sapeur or sapes” of the African Congo he described himself in The reason why a stylist, Dualleh Abdulrahman found his own fashion in a thrift store” as having ‘a poor man’s style’, ‘something old, something new’.

LACMA Exhibit Reigning Men (18)

 Display of men’s fashion from LACMA’Reigning Men Exhibit

Half Iraqi, half Somalia and born in Dubai, he “was raised in Germany, educated in England, and currently lives in the Netherlands.” His father, a “funky fresh dude with a big afro” and his uncle, a half Italian, half Somalia dandy influenced his style. Other style icons, who inspired his thrifting choices were Prince and Lenny Kravitz.

Historically he favors “1920s working man’s style” and the uniforms of German soldiers. Ridiculed for his tall, 6’2″ thin frame that never allowed his clothes to fit properly, at 25, he decided to learn how to alter and sew himself.

“I couldn’t afford fabric, so I went to local thrift stores to buy inexpensive garments I could practice altering and customizing,” he said.

Men’s Styles

Reigning Men Exhibit at LACMA (2)

Reigning Men Exhibit at LACMA

His impeccable eye has also led him to opportunities as a professional shopper and image stylist for men, which is featured on his Word Press page,

“He hasn’t got a blog but his lookbook is incredible. With a modern vintage aesthetic, the Netherland-based Dualleh has mastered the art of mixing different textures and prints to create the timeless product of art that is his style,” wrote the Boston Brighton staff in Top 40 Fashion and Style Bloggers You Should Know,


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