Can Fashion Be Art Too?

Stage costumes for The Magic Flute (Chagall Fantasies...LACMA) (1)

Dance Costume Created by Marc Chagall for The Magic Flute

Chagall: Fantasies for the Stage (LACMA)

When a writer creates a story for a reader sometimes the last thing they think of is an aesthetic appeal. But when the subjects they’re writing about are highly visual, and they’re writing for those with a creative eye, it’s paramount. That doesn’t mean images take precedence over text, it just means both get equal billing. The easiest and most effective, way to achieve that and totally wow the reader to boot is with a comparison.

A Graceful Gift Fans From The Mona Lee Nesseth Collection (74)

Fan: A Graceful Gift: Fans from the Mona Lee Nesseth Collection (FIDM)

With the writing providing the background, the photos can then provide the sensory element. Whether the piece is published for a traditional print publication or the internet the overall layout needs to be organized well enough to catch a reader’s eye initially, then stay within their imaginations after they’ve read it. That usually means plenty of white space, a pleasing font, clear, attractive photographs or illustrations, and informative captions.

Dapper Day Vintage Outfit Art Collage

See the Hottest Art-Inspired Looks to Hit the Runways for Spring 2018 by Max Berlinger,, (October 5, 2017) a catwalk profile about how designers at Christian Dior, Marni, Calvin Klein, Prada, Undercover, Akris, Coach, Comme des Garcons and Oscar de la Renta were inspired by various artists, is a visual feast marrying art and fashion. Shown with a photo of each artist’s work, before the clothing designs, the literary experience provided is unforgettable, gratifying and seamless.

Written in short, digestible sections, the palettes and patterns of the art and clothing actually show how close both fields are. While it’s not clear that Andy Warhol intended for his Tunafish Disaster (1963) to ever be translated into dresses, Raf Simons of Calvin Klein designed them as if he did.

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