Hunter x Target: Was it The Perfect Collaboration?


Victoria Moore’s Hunter x Target Haul


Hunter x Target was the latest collaboration for both the traditional British fashion company and one of America’s most popular retailers. Since the debate started around April 14 and April 15, 2018, a lot of consumers, including myself, anxiously awaited its arrival.

Before using the mobile app, Hootsuite, I read various articles about the collaboration after searching for news trending stories on my News app. From the article, People Are Losing Their Mind After Target’s Hunter Boots Collab Sold Out Super Quickly by Stephanie McNeil on ( I saw quite a bit of gloating going on from Instagram users who shared selfies and photos of their new swag, while most Twitter users, who posted, complained, “they were unable to purchase anything because everything was sold out or made of inferior quality.”


Hunter x Target Price Tags 

Visiting the Store

With such an unbalanced response, I decided to visit my local Target to see for myself what was going on with the collab. So on April 17 and April 18, 2018, I examined the Trend Spot section and was able to buy quite a few items, on my wishlist, and talk to a few customers.

Tuesday, while examining the existing boots, I did see one pair of the coveted rain knee-highs, but they were a man’s size 11, causing them to remain on the shelf. They were still there when I went back the next day. One of the two men I talked to, in the department, told me they were from Woodland Hills.

“There were more boots and shoes there than here. They also have more clothes too.”

–Customer I met at “Target”

“There were more boots and shoes there than here. They also have more clothes too,” one of them said.

On Wednesday, when I returned to get the rest of the clothes I liked, I talked to another customer. “I came from Santa Clarita to see what they had,” she said.

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Hunter x Target Haul Slideshow

Comparing the complaints from the lucky ones who at least snagged one item against those who didn’t I was able to judge more objectively and obtain my own significant haul. Later, I took some photos of it, then used the PicCollage app, before posting it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as my Hunter x Target haul. In opposition to all of the gloating, I responded with what I felt was a tasteful display of gratitude, at what I was able to buy. Since I always seem to luck out and enjoy these collabs I don’t think Target should change how they do them because it brings customers into the store and introduces a higher priced, more stylish brand, to a lower economic group of consumers.

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