Is Meghan Markle’s Messy Bun Really Breaking Royal Protocol?

Face drawing by VM (10)

Fashion Illustration by Victoria Moore

If we look at all of the hooplas about Meghan Markle’s messy bun it might look like it’s just another fluff piece about hairstyles. When we examine closer, however, we discover it’s really about race and “royal protocol”.

Would the same fuss be made over Kate Middleton’s pearl-studded chignon? No, because it represents years of appropriate looks worn by ballerinas and bespectacled librarians instead of the bed head allure of Bridget Bardot.

Specifically laid-back, with a California swag, the fact that she dares to pair with the soignee, but timeless coats, skirts, dresses and bare legs in pumps adds to its youthful rebelliousness.

Ultimately the question is should she be judged for “expressing herself” or applauded for starting a trend? Only time and a societal shift towards tolerance will tell. Until then we can all enjoy watching a young woman striving to hang onto her individuality in a world striving just as hard to make her conform.

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