Three Leading Fashion Journalists

Fashion journalism is a field that personifies the journalist with their voice. For Mark Holgate, Alix Browne and Kay Barron their writings are a combination of their personal and professional experiences and positions at Vogue, W, and Porter magazines. Unafraid of each new season’s offerings they attack their work confidently and honestly.

Mark Holgate:

Hailing from Great Britain, Mark Holgate, the Fashion News Director for Vogue writes with a wit and sophistication that reinforces his belief in “young talent.” In Kawidan Editions (Vogue, September 2017) when he introduces the design team Lea Duckley and Hung La he insists their unique viewpoint demonstrates they create outside of London.

Alix Browne:

Harvard alumni, and Features Director at W, Alix Browne is equally skilled at pointing out unorthodox ways to design. For Helmut Lang 2.0 (W, September 2017) she explores the conundrum that Lang is gone but fans still want his designs. She emphatically reassures the reader that the “re-issues” and homages will continue under “guest designers and artists.”

Kay Barron:

Kay Barron, Fashion Features Director for Porter, also believes in trend spotting with one caveat, she loves history. Throughout The Evolution of the Suit (Porter, Fall 2017) she explores its history by pointing out its controversial reputation and status for budding icons who want to adopt the suit as a signature.

Photos of Mark Holgate, Alix Browne and Kay Barron

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