What is Video Editing?

Fall 2018 Bottega Veneta Ad Campaign Model: Fran Summers

Video Editing is the visual process of creating a coherent story from individual images. Kenneth Kobre in Videojournalism Multimedia Storytelling compares it to “penning “an essay” where the preliminary words are organized to form the final result.” The main goal is to present a cohesive succession of events that logically make sense to the viewer once everything is in place.

Technically this can be done on, Adobe Premiere Pro, by “first accumulating a group of complimentary shots to depict an action and imported.” Next, they are placed in the Timeline to form a sequence. To make a professional looking video, that isn’t composed of one long continuous shot, various ones are consistently added when necessary.

Bottega Veneta’s Fall/Winter 2018 Ad Campaign:

The three short films director Fabien Baron shot for Bottega Veneta’s Fall/
Winter 2018 campaign, Intuition, Blackout and Doubles are an excellent example of good editing. By utilizing the moody setting, selective product placement and appropriate players effectively the combination of “wide, medium, close-up, point-of-view, and reaction shots” are used competently enough to make the stories emotionally and intellectually compelling for the audience. So in conclusion, from these examples, you can surmise that Video Editing relies on the strength of its separate parts to relay its ultimate meaning cohesively.

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