My Favorite Online Retailer: ThredUp

If I had to say which online shopping site is my favorite, I’d have to say ThredUp. The way I started shopping from them, a few years ago, was while doing research about online shopping for a blog I’m working on. I saw their name, liked it, and became curious.

I also kept getting repeated emails from them, which helped make my decision to check them out. When I finally did, I decided to take the plunge with an inexpensive purchase. A pair of second-hand green corduroy pants from J.Crew for under $5, caught my eye, and I figured with such a small investment even if they turned out all wrong I wouldn’t be too disappointed or financially strapped.

The moment they were delivered in their signature green polka-dotted box, lovingly folded in matching green and white polka-dotted tissue paper, I was hooked and instantly became a regular customer. Confidentially I do have a brick and mortar counterpart, that’s also a favorite, which perfectly compliments the merchandise I buy from them. The store I go to when I don’t shop online at ThredUp is Council Thrift Store in Mar Vista, California. Both carry top notch designer, second-hand and sometimes “new-with-tags” items that keep my wardrobe well-stocked and unique.

One of the reasons I keep coming back to ThredUp, despite shopping elsewhere, is their dedication to quality and customer service. Their items are pretty true to specifications, as depicted on their website, and the regular email alerts they send telling me”my favorites” have been reduced are consistently updated and priceless. Ultimately, the main thing that sets them apart from other online retailers to me, is the skill they use when suggesting compatible items to wear with my purchases. When I used to work in retail, as a Fashion Merchandising major at CSULA, fashion coordination was a required part of the job, but sadly since most of the stores I shop in today have eliminated it along with customer service, I’m on my own. Fortunately ThredUp hasn’t forgotten these little amenities and doesn’t mind classing up the internet with this valuable mind-set.

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