Ripping Through the Fabric of Time with Martin Margiela’s Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection

After considering the “stylish sweatsuits, long tunics, and oversized trousers” from Miuccia Prada/Raf Simons, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton that both defined our post COVID-19 existence and reinforced our sartorial safety nets, to obsess over, I chose a collection I couldn’t get out of my mind-Martin Margiela’s Spring Ready-to-Wear 2021 line.

Presented in a striking film that combined the creation of the clothing and accessories with Argentina and the tango it not only personified where we are now psychologically but also aesthetically. Utilizing “recicle” up cycled pieces, vintage “traditionally loomed Venetian brocades for the dancers’ Mary Jane shoes, leather, glossy wet-looking textures, gauzy white, etc.,” the stark palette of black, white, and red showcased the tattered finery beautifully.

Patterned after the poverty deluxe of the tango dancers John Galliano met in Argentina he slyly injected a variety of trends for his interpretation. Broken down they include: “reflective surfaces, expressive textures, recycled textiles, black and darker tones, and the contrast of red.” Seductive and glamorous, the textile trends utilized for this phenomenal collection definitely reflect the spirit of our times by glorifying our nostalgia for tradition and our desire for fantasy.

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