New Feature in Stylish Musings and Inspirations

While attending the Academy Of Arts University for my MA program in Fashion Journalism one of the requirements was to create a blog site to show the work we created in class. Now, after graduation, I’ve had new experiences that have expanded my creative vision so I’m creating a daily blog for this site too called “Vicqui’s Edits”.

Similar to what I’m doing daily in my Lookin’ blog site with Outfit of the Day https://www.lookingoodfeelingood.wordpress.comand in my Every blog site https://www.victoriawordpresscom587.wordpress. with my scheduled daily posts featuring fashion Inspo, fashion coordination, fashion wishlist items, fave fashion looks of the season, fashion finds, vintage spotlights and observations of the week, the new daily feature, for Stylish, will be more editorial and educational.

Instead of always looking outside to add something totally new this feature will tell you:

1) How to mix contemporary with vintage.

2) How to examine the history behind a look.

3) Which websites and stores are offering great merch.

4) How to examine and utilize the tools of icons from the past and ones popular today.

5) How to create a great office uniform or from a capsule.

6) How to wear accessories.

7) How to look at fashion in a new way through a creative portrayal.

Fashion Drawings

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