Vicqui’s Edit: Cardie Chic

In the mid-‘80s,while attending CSULA as a Fashion Merchandising major I was struck with a big dilemma – how to look stylish every day at school and work.

My department insisted we walk the fashion walk at all times to represent the industry. For me this was a requirement I had to think outside the box to meet, because at the time I operated on a small budget that only allowed me to shop at thrift stores and deeply discounted sales racks at major department stores and small chain stores.

Drawn to the ultra-cheap Chanel knock-off skirt suits and comfy cardigans at “Daniel Freeman Thrift Auxiliary” and “The Discovery Shop” in Inglewood, California I collected some of my most memorable vintage pieces from their racks.

To this day I’m still drawn to cardigans and boxy jackets that I love to pair with jeans, khakis, skirts and jumpsuits. The trick is to mix the components subtly so you don’t look too costume-y or passé.

My suggestion? Grab a vintage cardie, throw it over a modern white tee, then accessorize with a fun scarf or necklace. In the accompanying photos, to this post, I coordinated an early 60s black cardie with a white Universal Threads x Target tee, a pair of floral print black and red pants and a red bead necklace from Kohl’s

Besides your favorite thrift shop an excellent place to buy a vintage cardigan is ( Priced from $25 on up they offer a wide and exciting variety to choose from.

Black Vintage Cardigan
Cardigans from

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