Styling Can Be Easy with the Sartorial Muse App



Fashion Illustration by Victoria Moore

One of the main problems I have every day, before going to work, dressing for an event or special occasion, is how to coordinate my outfits to reflect my style consistently. When I add additional items I have the additional problem of incorporating them into my existing wardrobe. To solve this dilemma, I would love to design an inspirational app called, Sartorial Muse, that would help other stylish women and I, dress in ways motivated by what inspires them.



Manga Drawing by Victoria Moore

So instead of looking like everyone else, and not wearing what you feel, this app will allow you to coordinate to match your inner story for the day whether inspired by a book you’re reading or a movie you just saw. Even if it’s something visual, like a magazine layout from Harper’s Bazaar magazine that features a resort scene of ocean-y blue and white garments and beige, sand-like accessories, the app can help you translate that look for work. You can either use items that you already own, in those palettes, or buy something new and mix it with your wardrobe.



Victoria Moore Practicing Tap Dancing

“I’ve been tap dancing for over 10 years now, and it’s definitely one of my inspirations.”–Victoria Moore

The way the app would officially work is from an existing inventory of photos in your wardrobe, and additional items when they’re added, a personal style profile about your lifestyle, hobbies, etc., and a rotating supply of photos, drawings, and descriptions that you add because they inspire you.

My target audience could be women from 25 to 65 who’re either going to school, or working and need to maintain a certain image and appearance. This consumer will probably be an eclectic shopper who buys clothes to last from a variety of online and on-site stores.

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