Strong Impact Audio

Throughout my television and cinema viewing career, I’ve noticed the shows and movies that’ve had the strongest impact on me have been ones that have a positive or negative soundtrack attached to them. Depending on the scene they’re emphasizing I’ve learned it’s the goal of the editor to convey the overall emotion and tension and use the music as a clear barometer. Below are two examples of excellent sound editing:

Soul Train: Curtis Mayfield “Get Down”

Soul Train

The original dance show, Soul Train, during the 1970’s is one of the TV shows that still impacts me emotionally and psychologically today because it has one of the best, and most cohesive, segments pairing soul music and dancing I’ve ever seen. One of my favorites, Curtis Mayfield singing Get Down as dancers go down the Soul Train line is so smoothly edited it’s possible to see every dancer involved really feel the song and express it within their own spotlight. At times, other dancers can be heard making exclamations out of joy and excitement adding to the party atmosphere of the program.

A Man And A Woman

A Man And A Woman

Both melancholy and lighthearted, the lilting theme song from the 1966 French film A Man and a Woman, directed by Claude Lelouch and starring Jean-Louis Trintignant as Jean Louis and Annouk Aimee as Anne works for me as movie whose music still affects me as much as it did when I first saw it. Poignant and haunting-composer Francis Lai created a track that flows through the movie like a “sound bridge” and continues as a pleasant afterthought regardless of its final outcome.

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